Year Three

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January 20, 2015

Y3 Curriclum Contents and Termly Achievements Sheet Spring 2015

Y3 Curriclum Contents and Termly Achievements Spring 2015

November 21, 2014

Y3 Author Visit - 'The Two Steve's'

On Wednesday 19 November, Y3 had a visit from "The Two Steve's" - two authors who have written 189 children's books together! They were very entertaining and they made us all laugh. We all took part in a play called 'Thingymebob' and then we were all Vikings. After that we even became Astronauts! We had to make the correct decisions to stay alive, but one team ended up crashing their Spaceship. It was very good fun and we will be using all of their great ideas in our own writing over the next few weeks.


2014-11-19 14.04.28.jpg


2014-11-19 14.14.40.jpg












2014-11-19 14.30.19.jpg













October 16, 2014

Parent Consultations - Autumn Term 2014

Parent Consultation Forms Y1-4 November 2014

Parent Consultation Reception Forms November 2014

September 16, 2014

SELEfirst Clubs Information 2014

Please find below a list of all clubs taking place over the 2014 - 2015 academic year.

If your child would like to take part in a club please complete and return the form no later than Monday 6 October.

SELEfirst Clubs Letter September 2014

September 9, 2014

Year 3 Curriclum Contents and Termly Achievements Sheet Autumn 2014

Year 3 Curriculum Contents and Termly Achievements Autumn Term 2014 2015

September 8, 2014

Y3 Routines and Procedures 2014-2015

Y3 Routines and Procedures 2014-2015

July 18, 2014

Leavers' Concert 2014 - 'Archie Dobson's War 1914 - 1918

We have had some wonderful comments in response to this year's Leavers' Concert and I wanted to share some of them with you.


'I would like to compliment Y3 and Y4 on their most amazingly mature and poignant performance.  I don't think there were many tear free eyes as we left.  Also, the behaviour of the rest of the school in the audience was, as always exemplary.  A wonderful, thought provoking afternoon.'


'I enjoyed the presentation very much and it was quite different from previous years.  I though the opening dance sequence was just excellent, full of imagery and symbolism and then the simplicity of the final chorus was extremely moving.  Well done to all.'


'I simply wanted to congratulate, you, your staff and children for the professional performance which I enjoyed yesterday evening.  Playing the piano, I was always asked to put 'something on' at the end of term or Christmas and know full well the amount of work involved. It was lovely to see how ALL of the children were involved yesterday.'




































































June 6, 2014

KS2 WW1 Study

This week children have experienced what it was like to be a young lad in the early twentieth century. They were told about the army recruitment campaigns, what an adventure joining the army could be, the opportunity to see the world, gain experience and possibly even fly a plane! Children met with Sergeants, Colonels and Major Generals. They ALL signed up, taking with them a dog tag and battalion number to state their regiment. Children were measured ready for a uniform! They certainly were not expecting that on a Wednesday morning! KS2 teachers were very impressed with the children's mature approach and sensitivity to the subject. Our WW1 topic will continue to the end of this term, learning about some of the realities of war. If you have any stories or memorabilia to help us explore the topic further please speak to your child's teacher.




















































May 2, 2014

Y3 Curriculum Contents and Termly Achievements Summer Term 2014

Curriculum Contents Year 3 Summer Term 2014

March 7, 2014

Y3 Arts Day

Y3 had an Arts Day this week which formed the start of their geography project on Africa. The children took part in three sessions to develop and refine their skills and techniques. In Session 1, children learnt how to use the pastels to layer and blend colour. In Session 2 they used watercolours to produce a graded colour wash. The final session looked at different ways of creating patterns, using paint, pens and wax. Y3 will continue to develop these skills and will use them to create an exhibition of African Art.


February 14, 2014

SET Week 2 - Y3

After all their work in the first week of SET, focussing on electrical circuits and switches, this week Y3 focused on animation. Children created plasticine models of Feathers McGraw and Gromit and produced a storyboard planning out a scene in the museum. They designed and produced a set of the museum and are now in the process of filming a short animation using the iPads. The next stage will be to install their alarm system into the finished museum set.

2014-02-06 09.35.30 Y3 1.jpg














2014-02-06 10.54.07 Y3 2.jpg

February 10, 2014

Young Scientist - Activities for Home

During this year's SET, a variety of experiments will appear on the Sele First website. These experiments can be carried out at home with the help of an adult.

Scientists keep a record of their findings so remember to record your observations and conclusions. You can download the Experiment Report sheet or record your results in another way. Return your findings to school to share with your class.

Your reports will then be used to create the ' SELEfirst - Book of Experiments', available to be viewed on Open Day.

You can include photographs, drawings and you can either handwrite your experiment or use ICT.

A 'Young Scientist' for each year group will be chosen on Wednesday 12th February.

In order for your science experiment to be safe and successful, be sure to:

·        get an adult's permission, and their help

·        follow the directions as written

Young Scientist Experiment 1.doc

Young Scientist 2014 - Experiment Report Sheet.doc

February 7, 2014

SET 2014 - Week One

We are at the end of our first week of SET and we have had a wide range of activities and visitors in school.

Nursery:  The children have been learning about different forms of transport. They have learnt about the different parts of vehicles including cars, trains, aeroplanes and emergency vehicles. The children have drawn a picture and named the different parts of their chosen vehicle to transport a puppet around nursery.  The children have made their vehicles using recycled materials, exploring different ways to join materials together.

Nursery have also had visits from Mr. Watson's sports car, ZooLab and the Fire Service. The children were very excited to have a look at the sports car and even sit in it! After all our work on emergency vehicles the children enjoyed looking around a real fire engine.

2014-02-04 14.18.14edit.jpg2014-02-07 10.30.35-2.jpg

Reception: Adam Howarth from Hexham Rowing Club came into speak to Reception on Wednesday. He brought in a set of oars, gates, riggers, a moving seat and rowing shoes to show the children. He shared with the children how to be safe on the water and how Hexham Rowing Club train and compete. The Fire Service visited RJ today and will visit the rest of our Reception children next week.

IMG_0623.JPGfire water2014 004.jpg

Y1: Y1 were challenged to make a range of moving toys using different forces. This week the children have been exploring levers and fulcrums and applying what they have learned into making toys that pivot with the help of Tom Mulholland. We have started to make puppets that push up. In literacy they have focused on instructional writing and planning our projects. In maths children have looked at greater than and less than using Charlie Crocodile to help eat the bigger number.

SET 2014 021.jpgSET 057.jpg

Y2: Y2 visited the Discovery Museum, going on an interactive tour to learn about five great inventors; George Stephenson, Robert Stephenson, William Armstrong, Charles Parsons and Joseph Swan; who lived and worked in the North East during the Victorian times.  They also visited the TVR Garage in Hexham to learn about cars, engines and how they work.

2014-02-11 09.50.22.jpg2014-02-11 10.01.59.jpg


Y3: This week Y3 have explored series and parallel circuits.  In an Electricity Workshop with Tom Mulholland children investigated conductors and insulators and used this knowledge to design create a switch for a circuit. They also learnt to program a procedure to control a self-built Lego robotic arm with help from Durham CC.  Y3 will be developing these skills in their computing unit on control. Y3 also learnt about undersea technology with Mrs Lowes and Mr Stobbart from Red Marine.

2014-02-04 10.43.55.jpg2014-02-06 10.47.48.jpg

Y4: have taken part in a workshop with Dr Hardcastle where they learnt about oxygen and why we need it.  They also took part in a genetics workshop with Dr Elliott.  They have embarked on their Harry Potter project and have also welcomed The Centre for Life into school, taking part in a rocket making workshop and learning about the universe in an inflatable planetarium in the school hall!

Y4 are working with Julia Ferguson today, taking part in a craft and design workshop making mood boards.


February 3, 2014

SET 2014 Challenges

Nursery have been given the challenge to design and make a vehicle to transport a puppet around Nursery. Using 2D shapes they will create a picture of their chosen vehicle design. Children will use 3D shapes to build and construct their vehicles using recycled materials. They will use magnets to experiment and test materials. 

In Reception poor Penguin Small needs to escape the Polar Bears in the North Pole and get back to his Penguin Friends in the South Pole.  Their challenge is to design, make, test and evaluate a boat that will take Penguin Small safely on his long journey.

The children in Year One will be looking at toys old and new. Using the starting point of the book the Toymaker by Martin Waddell they will make toys to fill the toyshop. They will investigate methods to make toys move using simple forces, the forces of push and pull when creating a pop up toy, simple levers to create a crocodile with a moving body and how levers can be linked to move more than one part at once. With Tom Mulholland they will create objects of their own design which move with a lever such as a crane or railway crossing barrier. Before designing a kite they will test materials to find those which are wind proof and test shape and size. 

Year Two will have to design and make a buggy which will move as far as possible over a flat surface, powered by wind. We will be investigating ways to join wood for the chassis, number of wheels and length of axle, material and shape of sail, position and number of masts before making our final buggy for The Great Buggy Race!

In Year Three, children are going on a Wallace and Gromit Adventure. They have been set the challenge of designing and making a burglar alarm to prevent Feathers McGraw from stealing the diamond for the museum.  They will learn about electrical circuits and how to light a bulb.  They will find out about which materials are electrical conductors or insulators and use this information to help design a switch to turn their alarm on.   Children will design and make their own museum set using technology skills and produce a storyboard for a short animation film involving Wallace and Gromit. 

Year Four will travel to Hogwarts as they begin 'Dumbledore's Design Challenge'. They have been tasked with creating a chair fit for a professor.  They will use their Maths skills to accurately measure their design and create the chair to scale. Wizards will use a 3D graphical modelling program to help in their design process.

January 17, 2014

Y3 Curriculum Contents and Termly Achievements Spring Term 2014

Y3 Curriculum Contents and Termly Achievements Spring 2014

December 18, 2013

Y3 Christmas Celebration

December 13, 2013

Y3 & Y4 - Tennis

David Esther, a local tennis coach has been working with children in  Key Stage Two. Each class had a 40 minute session where they completed a range of active games which focused on building their core strength and ball control skills. He is also running a before school tennis club on Mondays and Thursdays to further tennis skills!

image (1).jpgimage (2).jpgimage.jpg

December 12, 2013

Y3 English - Iron Man

Year 3 have started reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  This is linked to our English unit of work on narratives set in familiar settings.  We have listened to the opening of the story and thought about how Ted Hughes created a picture of the setting using words to describe the sights, sounds and smells.  We also discussed what sort of mood or feeling the story had.  Next, we designed our own Iron Man and used powerful vocabulary such as adjectives, verbs, adverbs and similes to describe his different features.  Our next step will be to start to plan a story with our own Iron Man as the main character.  We have decided to set our adventure in Hexham as it is a familiar setting for us all - once our stories are all complete we will post some online for everyone to share!

2013-11-29 09.28.30.jpg2013-11-29 09.29.49.jpg2013-11-29 09.32.02.jpg2013-11-29 09.31.05.jpg 

Y3 Science - Magnets & Springs

This half term our Science topic is Magnets and Springs.  The children thought of questions they would like to ask that would help them understand more about magnets.  One of our questions was -  How can we find out which magnet is the strongest?  They worked in pairs to design a test to find the answer to this question.  They had to think about what they would do, what equipment they would need, what data they would collect and how to make their test fair.  Everyone had lots of different ideas to try out.  Our next task is to discuss how to improve our tests to make our data more accurate.

Elizabeth and Alex.jpgFynn.jpgNiamh and Charlie.jpgSol and henna.jpg

November 29, 2013


We know the Home School Reading Records (HSRR) are a really popular support for parents in helping them to see how their child is developing their reading skills and also in highlighting what parents can do to help. We know this because of the comments we received from parents as part of our questionnaire in 2012.


Your feedback in reading records is really helpful. Thank you for all of your input into your child's reading at home.  The more children read at home the better they do in all subjects in school. 


We are currently having a whole school focus on encouraging children to read whole sentences with expression.  We would like you to help with this at home by hearing your child read out loud and drawing their attention to punctuation, in particular commas, exclamation marks, speech marks and full stops.  Get them to be as dramatic as possible to fit in with the story.  It is also useful if you model this to your child.  They will love this - especially if you go over the top!

November 18, 2013

International Links

Sele First, along with Stamfordham and Belsay First School have developed a link with three schools in the Mbita region of Kenya.  Our link school is called Nyamasare Primary, which educates 400 children in 8 classes of roughly 45 children. 


The Kenyan coordinator is head teacher Benson Oswago.  Mr Oswago works with all three Kenyan schools.  He will be coming into our school next week to talk to the Y3 and Y4 children.  KS2 will be embarking on projects with Nyamasare Primary this term. 


November 11, 2013

Anti-Bullying Week - 18 - 22 November 2013

Anti Bullying Week takes place this year from 18-22 November.  This year's focus is 'The Future is Ours. Safe, Fun and Connected' which focuses on e-safety in school. 

We will be looking at different types of bullying and how we can deal with them.  Y3 and Y4 will tackle the issue of racism, Y2 will focus on e-safety, Y1 ask; 'what makes a good friend?' and Reception will also look at friendships.

Blue Day will take place on Friday 22 November. Children and staff can come to school dressed in blue to support the anti-bullying appeal.

September 19, 2013

Christmas 2013 Events

Thursday 12 December:  Y1 Christmas Celebration.  9.30am and 11.00am.


Friday 13 December:  Reception Christmas Celebration.  9.30am and 10.45am.


Monday 16 December:  Y1 Christmas Party


Tuesday 17 December: Y2 Christmas Celebration. 9.30 and 11.00am


Tuesday 17 December: Y2 Christmas Party


Wednesday 18 December: Y3 Christmas Celebration.  9.30am and 11.00am


Thursday 19 December: Y4 Christmas Celebration.  9.30am and 11.00am


Thursday 19 December: Y3 and Y4 Visit to the Forum Cinema


Friday 20 December:  Carol Service at Trinity Methodist Church.  9.30am .  All welcome.


Friday 20 December:  Nursery Christmas Party and Sing-a-Long


Christmas Celebrations: Please note that all Nativities are ticket only events.  Seats are all numbered and tickets are issued free of charge to families nearer the time.  Because of restrictions of space and Health and Safety considerations tickets are limited to two per family.

'Refugee Day' in aid of UNICEF for the Children of Syria

We will be holding a Refugee Day in school on Tuesday 1 October to help raise money for children in Syria.  This fundraising event was suggested by Nelson Da Silva in Class 4M.  We will learn about the plight of children around the world, past and present. 


To help raise funds for this important appeal we ask parents to make a donation and attach to the footprint template sent home with your child.  On Refugee Day we will join together as a school to link our footprints up to see how far they go around our school.  All monies raised will then be sent to UNICEF.


Please note it is NOT a non-uniform day and children will be expected to arrive in school in their uniform.

The National Gallery Take One Picture Project 2013

This year's Take One Picture piece is 'St. Michael Triumphs over the Devil' by Bartolomé Bermejo. The children have visits out of school to provide inspiration and ideas which will lead into creative activities to enhance the Take One Picture project.

We will hold a Take One Picture Open Day for parents to attend to look at the projects and the work we have completed on Friday 18 October from 9.10 - 11.15am and again from 1.30 - 2.50pm. 


Sustainability Day - 'Bee Day' - Friday 27 September 2013

We will be holding our annual sustainability day in school on Friday 27 September.  Children can come to school dressed in yellow and black to support the initiative. No football strips please.


Children will take part in various exciting and informative sustainability activities during the day which will enable them to learn more about issues both in school and in their community, families and lives. 


Parents would be welcome during the day to come along and help out with a range of exciting projects and activities including the painting of our school yard fence and planters.  Please leave your name at the office if you are able to help out.


The day will help children think more about how they treat the environment, covering issues including saving energy, reusing and recycling.

KS2 Durham Cathedral Visits


Continuing with our Take One Picture Project, KS2 will visit Durham Cathedral in October.  During this visit they will have a tour of the cathedral focussing on the stained glass and artwork.  This will support design technology work we are doing in school with the help of artist Carl Von Weiler.


Y4 will visit on Tuesday 15 October.

Y3 will visit on Wednesday 16 October.

September 16, 2013

Y3 Curriculum Contents and Achievements Autumn Term 2013 - 2014

Y3 Curriculum Contents and Achievements Autumn Term 2013 - 2014

September 13, 2013

Routines and Procedures in Y3 2013 - 2014

Routines and Procedures in Y3 September 2013

July 12, 2013

SELEfirst Bulletin 31 - 12 July 2013

Bulletin 31 - 12 July 13.doc

July 11, 2013

'Tyne Travel' - Y3 & Y4 Leavers' Concert 2013

The annual Leavers' Concert is always a highlight in the school year and this year was no exception.  All the children in KS2 took part and entertained family and friends with their talents. It was a fitting way to say goodbye and a memorable event for Y4.  I wish to thank all the staff for their continuing hard work in ensuring the success of this long standing tradition.  In addition to two great performances all money raised after costs incurred will go towards supporting the Arts within school. 


Many parents have said how much they enjoyed the performances of the different classes and those relatives who attended the afternoon performance alongside children from school were hugely supportive.  Although a number of the children are very nervous their excitement, confidence and enthusiasm is wonderful.


Message from David Wilson - School LA Advisor:


To the pupils in Year 3 & 4 and staff. Thank you very much for inviting me to your end of year presentation about the River Tyne. I really enjoyed the exciting mix of songs, choral speaking, dance and jokes. I was very impressed with the way everyone spoke so clearly and projected their voices so that the audience could hear every word. There were lots of memorable bits to the show. It made me laugh and it also made me think about the rich history of our region.

I am sure your mums and dads, grans and granddads really enjoyed the show. I hope everyone has a good summer holiday. To all Year 4 pupils thank you for your contribution to the life of Sele First School. I hope you enjoy your new school in September.


Message from Mrs Beattie - Parent:


Wow! What a fantastic evening. Such confident, assured children showcasing The Sele First School. The whole concert was superb. We showed our appreciation to the children but didn't get a chance to do that to the staff. Thank you! It must have been a huge amount of work on top of all other commitments. It really was a fabulous show. Well done everyone!


Message from Mr Waters - Parent


It was a truly memorable occasion, and I am in awe of the way so many children were perfectly behaved. In today's extremely difficult world, the thing which struck me most was being able to be totally immersed in the enthusiasm, confidence, and innocence of the children with all the joy that brings with it.  The show was quite brilliant, and a massive credit to Sele First School.



Staffing 2013 - 2014 - Hello and Goodbye

There are a few changes to our Staffing from September 2013.  Mr Ellerbrook leaves us to take up the post of Deputy Head at a primary school in Sunderland, Miss Brown leaves Y1 to take up a teaching role south of the river in Gateshead. Congratulations go to Mr Hamilton and Miss Powell who both leave us to embark on their PGCE years so they can become fully qualified teachers.


We also say a temporary farewell to Miss Pape and Mrs Annable who commence their maternity leave at the end of this term.  Both babies are due in August and news of the new arrivals will follow in September!


We welcome Mr Watson, Mr Speed, Miss Rose and Miss Dickinson who join our team as class teachers.


Miss Rose will cover Miss Pape's class for the duration of her maternity leave. Mrs Smyth joins Mrs Ward in Class RSW and replaces Mrs Annable for the duration of her maternity leave. 


Miss Phillips will be non-class based during next year, still with responsibility for Early Years but also some of our Teaching Schools work.


I am sure you will join me in wishing all staff luck for the future and in thanking them for their hard work and commitment to Sele First.


Children meet their new teachers on Transfer Day - Tuesday 9 July with the exception of Class 2R who will meet Miss Rose on Wednesday 17 July.


Class Teachers from September 2013


Nursery:                       Miss Blanchet


Reception:                    Class RD - Miss Dickinson

Class RJ - Mrs Jeffries

Class RSW - Mrs Smyth and Mrs Ward


            Key Stage One

Year One:                     Miss Edmondson (1JE) takes Miss Phillips' class

                                                Miss Elliott (1EE) takes Mrs Jeffries' class

                                    Mr Speed takes (1JS) Mrs Annable and Mrs Ward's class


            Year Two:                     Mrs Allman (2A) takes Miss Elliott's class

Mr Glenton (2G) takes Miss Brown's class

                                                Miss Rose (2R) takes Miss Edmondson's class


Key Stage Two

            Year Three:                  Mrs Porter (3P) takes Miss Pape's class

                                                Mrs Dodds (3D) takes Mrs Dodds' class

                                                Miss Adamson (3A) takes Mrs Allman's class


            Year Four:                    Mr Watson (4W) takes Mrs Porter's class

Mrs McVittie (4M) takes Miss Adamson's class

Miss Yoxall (4Y) takes Mr Glenton's class


Comprehensive 'Next Steps' Files are prepared and passed on to new class teachers during the Summer Term.  The files include pupil information regarding personal and socials needs targets, reports, individual plans and other relevant assessment data.


July 10, 2013

Sele Lions Before and After School Club

Sele Lions provides high quality care for Sele School registered children (from the age of three) and their elder siblings (to the age of thirteen) and Y5 middle school children before and after school and on teacher training days.

Sele Lions Brochure September 2013

July 5, 2013

SELEfirst Bulletin 30 - 5 July 2013

Bulletin 30 - 5 July 13.doc - 2.pdf

SELEfirst Bulletin 29 - 28 June 2013

Bulletin 29 - 28 June 13.pdf

June 25, 2013

PE News

Northumberland Games:  Miss Pape has our Y4 Northumberland Games competitors competing again in the second round of the Northumberland Games, which will again be held at the Wentworth Leisure Centre on Friday 28 June.  Good luck to our tennis, rugby and athletics teams. Results will follow!


Y2 and Y4 Rugby Festival: Y2 and Y2 have taken part in a Rugby Festival this week organised by John Fletcher.  Thanks to John who we are lucky to have helping us to deliver quality P.E and all of the parent helpers who came along to assist with the event.


Corbridge Football Tournament:  Our Y4 Football Team are on the move again, this time to take part in Corbridge First's Football Tournament as part of their Summer Fair this Saturday.  Good luck to the team.  Results will follow in next week's bulletin.  Thanks to Mrs Allman for all of her work with the team this season.

Summer Fair - Thank You Messages

Summer Fair - A Thank You:  I must extent special thanks to all of the parents and staff on the SELEfirst PTA who did an amazing job organising and working on the day to make this year's Summer Fair a fantastic success. Great fun was had by all.  The stalls looked brilliant and the children shone in Choir, led by Miss Elliott, football, organized by Mrs Allman and maypole dancing, organized by Mrs McVittie.


A Message on behalf of the PTA: We hope that you all enjoyed last Saturday's Summer Fair. It was a very special day for us as we got to see the results of all the hard work of a great team effort: parents, carers, staff and children. For that reason, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped and supported us last Saturday. Thank you for your fantastic work and all the time invested to make it happen. The PTA is delighted to see all the enthusiasm that was put into it. It was amazing for us to see how everything came together on the day and how we all made it happen for another consecutive year... and, for once, the weather was on our side too! 

A Message from Councillor Trevor Cessford, Hexham Deputy Mayor: Thanks very much for inviting me to your Fete on Saturday. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. So much talent was on display from all year groups. Please pass my congratulations to all involved in the organising and setting up of this wonderful day. I know the weather helped but I'm sure it would have been fantastic irrespective of the weather. If the Mayor is not available next year I would be more than happy to step into his shoes again.

Maypole Painting:  A big thank you to Judith Bradbury, mum to Jake and Lola who organised for our school maypole to be given a new leash of life by arranging it's painting and redecoration.

Science Focus Outside SET! A Message from Chris Little, our Chair of Governors

I was pleased to be able to take part in a governing body visit last week, looking at the teaching of science across the school.  I was in good company with governors Bridget Da Silva, Andrew Sails and Philip McGowan who are professional scientists.  The school is currently working towards achieving Primary Science Quality Mark.  This isn't just a nice plaque or certificate to put on the wall, but has real value in giving guidance, benchmarks and clear aims to help the school organise it's approach to science.

On our visit to the school we saw a wide range practice and scientific thinking being developed with the children.  Reception were being treated to a talk on the arrival of the new honey bees and were full of questions, my favourite being 'why do bees buzz?'  Plants were being dissected and the parts labelled by Y1 children, and in Y3, children were looking at the structure of teeth. Y2 were organising animals into different groups, a really important foundation for understanding and describing the natural world  

As usual we were able to observe that children were able to use literacy, numeracy and problem solving on scientific challenges that were interesting to them.  We noticed that children were confident in using scientific language, but not constrained in their thinking or communication by jargon.  Andy and Philip, as working scientists were particularly keen to see science being presented as part of the real world and not stereotyped as being about people in white coats in laboratories ..(although Andy confessed that sometimes his job does require it!)

The part of a governors visit we all enjoy is 'Pupil Voice' when we get to talk with groups of children about their experience at school.  We met groups from both Key Stages who were confident in expressing their honest opinion on science at Sele First.  The children confirmed for us that science comes up in all areas of the curriculum.  A really good example of this was the use of sports science in PE.  They were also brimming with enthusiasm that visitors to SET will know well.

We are hopeful that Selefirst will gain recognition of its work on science teaching and I would like to thank Mrs McVittie for leading this work and all the staff and volunteers who contribute to its success.

Our full report will be available soon.

June 17, 2013

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge - Dare you go down to your library during the summer holidays...

Every year libraries in Northumberland support The Reading Agency in providing the scheme known as the Summer Reading Challenge, the theme of which this year is called Creepy House.

Follow the link below to find out more about this year's challenge, authors and to sign up to take part.


The summer reading challenge gives young people the incentive to keep reading over the summer holidays, keeping their reading skills honed whilst enjoying a wide range of books.

Michelle Buchan from the Library Service will visit us on 10 July to hold assemblies for all children giving them details of this year's Summer Reading Challenge.

Sele's Got Talent

Last week in school Leia and Keira Chilton (3A and 1JE) gaveChilton.jpg Years 1 to 4 a demonstration of Irish Dancing during assembly time.


Following this impressive performance we welcomed Mr McVittie into school on Friday 7 June who gave a very energetic performance of a dance from 'Lord of the Dance'. The gym rang to the sound of his feet.  One child commented; 'You could hardly see his feet they moved so fast!'


Keira and Leia Chilton both attend Irish Dancing classes at the Hannon-Murphy School in Gateshead. 


On Saturday 8 June they took part in an Irish Dancing competition.


Keira danced four dances and received three medals and the 3rd place trophy. Keira has told SELEfirst's Bulletin "I like Irish Dancing because we keep learning harder dances".


Leia won first place in the Easy Reel, fourth place in the Light Jig and fourth place in the Slip Jig and received the First Place Trophy Reel.


Well done to both!


If you have a talent to add to our 'Sele's Got Talent' Board please bring in a photograph of you showing your talent and include a short piece detailing what you do and why you enjoy it.

SELEfirst Bulletin 27 - 14 June 2013

Bulletin 27 - 14 June 13.doc

March 14, 2013

Y3 & Y4 - World Education Games

Children in Year 3 and 4 had their thinking caps on last week as they took part in the World Education Games which began on 5 March 2013. UNICEF and the World Education Games hosted the world's largest online classroom challenge. Millions of students from 236 countries and territories registered for this year's World Education Games, from 5 - 7 March 2013.


Every child in KS2 has been given a unique username and password so they can practise and compete on online. To find out more about the games you can visit 


The winners for the World Education Games for SELEfirst are: 


Harry Coldwell 4M

Freya McNicol 4M

Jaime Dykins 3P



Annie Stevens 4M

Kate Robinson

Emma Beech 4E



Molly Woodley 4E

William Marrow 3P

Jaime Dykins 3P




February 11, 2013

The 31st Children's Cancer Run 2013 - Sunday 19 May

NECCR Memo - Feb 2013.doc

An important date for the diary - Sunday 19 May - the Greggs 31st Annual Children's Cancer Run.  As in previous years the event will take place at Newcastle Racecourse, Gosforth Park and we are hoping for another fantastic turn out to raise funds for Children's Cancer Research in the North East.

Over the past 10 years many parents and children, staff and governors have shown great enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed this event and we are hoping that even more of you will be able to take part this year to help raise funds for Children's Cancer Research in the North East. 

About the Run
The run is a five mile cross country family Fun Run, sponsored by Greggs the Bakers, with a one mile Mini Run for the under sevens.  At the end of the run all participants receive a medal, a t-shirt and a Greggs picnic. 

How to Enter

You can enter the race this year by applying online at by Tuesday 7 May 2013.


You can also join the official Children's Cancer Run Facebook group to find news and photos about the event and follow them via Twitter @NECCRrun.



3G - Our Year so Far

Language Day

A big thank you to the parents who gave up their time to come into school to teach a variety of languages; French, Russian, German, Chinese and Spanish. The children enjoyed taking part in activities involving  a new language. Nursery tasted Chinese food, Reception made Chinese lanterns and dragons, Years One and Two learnt African songs, Year Three learned to say 'Hello' in different languages and Year Four recorded their thoughts about Language Awareness Day. 'Spanish Dinner' was also a great success.


February 8, 2013

Curriculum Contents and Achievements - Spring Term



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4 

February 7, 2013

Buzzing in Y3

There is a great buzzzzzz in Y3 this week and the children are having an electrifying time! As part of their SET challenge Y3 are making burglar alarms! Don't worry this is not to combat a crime wave in Hexham.  The children are trying to stop a diamond being stolen by a well known Wallace and Gromit character.  Do you know who this might be?  

Well our team of Y3 designers needed some help so today Mr Mullholland came in and helped develop their ideas about how to use a switch to turn the alarms on.  Together they investigated circuits and their components and then made different types of switches such as 'a pressure pad switch' and 'a venus fly trap switch'.  

Picture 1.jpg

It seems they really enjoyed the hands on experiences, their brains lit up with ideas and they conducted themselves well, eventually discovering how they could incorporate switches into an alarm system.



Picture 2.jpg

February 5, 2013

Additional Funding Pupil Premium

Update February 2013

Pupil Premium funding has now been increased to £623 per pupil. This funding applies to Free School Meals (FSM) pupils and Looked After Children (LAC) and children of service personnel Service Children from Reception to Y4. It does not include children in Nursery.  12.4% of the children at SELEfirst are eligible for this funding. The total funding in this financial year is £32,396.  This money has been used to fund the following:

Training and resources for staff to teach support programmes including ELSA, (Emotional Literacy Support Activities) Read Write Inc and LEXIA support for children at risk of Dyslexia or those with difficulties with acquiring basic skills in reading or spelling, Talk Boost and an individual spelling provision called Stareway to spelling.


5 February 2013 Swimming Cancelled Y3P

Swimming cancelled today due to snow and ice.

Children will be taken into class at 8.30.

February 4, 2013

SET begins at SELEfirst

SET fortnight has begun across school today. Every year group has been tasked with a challenge!


Nursery have been given the challenge to design and make a vehicle to transport a puppet around nursery.


In Reception poor Penguin Small needs to escape the Polar Bears in the North Pole and get back to his Penguin Friends in the South Pole.  Our challenge is to design, make, test and evaluate a boat that will take Penguin Small safely on his long journey.


The children in Year One have been looking at toys old and new. Using the starting point of the book the Toymaker by Martin Waddell they have been making toys to fill the toyshop. They have investigated methods to make toys move using push and pull, such as levers.


Year Two have to design and make a buggy which will move as far as possible over a flat surface, powered by wind. We will be investigating ways to join wood for the chassis, number of wheels and length of axle, material and shape of sail, position and number of masts before making our final buggy for The Great Buggy Race!


In Year Three, children are going on a Wallace and Gromit Adventure. Their topic is based on the Wrong Trousers and children have been set the challenge of designing a burglar alarm to prevent Feather McGraw stealing the diamond! They will also be creating their own animation.


Year Four began 'Dumbledore's Design Challenge'. They have been tasked with creating a chair fit for a professor. Their challenge is to provide scientific evidence that the materials they have chosen are the most suitable. They will be putting their investigative skills to the test!


You are invited to visit school and find out how the challenges are going during our Open Day on Thursday 14 February. 


February 1, 2013

3P - Our Year so Far

January 30, 2013

NRICH - Help your child with Maths

Calculator Ban

The DfE has confirmed that calculators will be banned in mathematics tests for 11-year-olds from 2014. This doesn't mean that calculators are banned in lessons but that schools and teachers should now be focusing on ensuring that pupils are confident in mental and written methods before moving on to calculators. Of course there are plenty of uses of calculators to support and stimulate problem solving.  You can find some interesting problems for calculators on the NRICH site. 

January 29, 2013

Y3 Writing The Iron Man - Fleur Forster

The Iron Man

One dark, gloomy night there was a young girl called Lucinda who was all on her own.  She lived with her Grandma and Grandad.  They were a jolly lot because they all loved each other very much.

Lucinda was exploring the dark, destroyed, gloomy house with dusty surfaces and cobwebs with spiders on them. It was an old, freezing, gigantic house with dusty floors and dirty walls. She was searching for her dog called Lucy as it had run away. 

As Lucinda stepped further into the dark, gloomy and creaking house, her feet echoed in the dark, distant corridors. She could see a dusty, rusty table nearby.  It was flat and shaped like a bird's beak.  The table legs were as big as a metre stick.  It was strange because it looked like it had a big bite taken out of it.

Lucinda suddenly smelt some sausages coming from outside. When she had managed to find a window, she saw a small black figure roasting sausages and dancing a jig. Lucinda didn't want to go up and say hello but she had to.  It was like something was pulling her forward.

Then she heard a creak, although she was scared she turned around and looked...Nothing was there. She turned back around but then she heard another creak. She turned around again and went outside. When she went outside, she saw in the distance some ruby red glowing eyes. Suddenly the eyes glowed at her. Lucinda felt really scared, she had to go, but something strong held her forward.

The figure stepped forward into the light.  It was actually an Iron Man! He had an enormous rusty nose, as big as a rusty stove. His vast long legs were as long as a lamppost. The Iron Man's great iron hands were as gigantic as a car. His enormous feet echoed as he steadily walked towards her. His eyes were glittering like the deep blue sea.

Lucinda was so scared but out of the corner of her eye she noticed something small.  It was her dog Lucy!  Lucinda ran for her dog and it jumped into her arms.  She could hear the Iron Man behind her coming closer.  She closed her eyes and ran as fast as she could towards home.  As she pushed her front door open she turned around.  The Iron Man had gone.  He was nowhere to be seen...

By Fleur Forster

Y3 Writing The Iron Man - Oliver Nichol

The Iron Man

In the stormy, frightening dead of night, a polite, eager and handsome boy was playing sadly in his room.  The reason he was in his room was because he had been sent to his room by his mother.  Although he had shouted at his little sister he had not meant to do it. 

The room was colourful, comfortable and huge with long windows and comfy carpets but he was still unhappy.  He saw the light streaming through the window and the carpet was as red as bright paint.  From the white window he could hear the wind howling outside.  Next door he could hear a guitar being played and downstairs he heard the stereo.

Dave was feeling hot so he decided to open the window.  As he went over to the window he heard an unusual sound.  It sounded like a beep, beep, beep...He decided to open the window slowly.  As he did just that there was something strange in front of him.  As he looked closer he could see it was a huge Iron Man!

He had a tall, fat head which was as big as a skyscraper.  He had legs as long as a tree and a grin with jagged teeth which looked ferocious and frightening.  The Iron Man was coming forward.

Quickly he ran downstairs.  He shouted "Mum, Mum! Look through the window!"  As his Mum peered through the window he heard her scream! But it was only because his sister had fallen over and his Mum was worried.  The huge Iron Man was nowhere to be seen. 

Dave thought he must have been dreaming as the Iron Man was nowhere.  As his mum went outside to look after his sister he looked around the garden.  The great Iron Man was gone but Dave could see a huge footprint and massive bite marks in the car.  It was real after all.

By Oliver Nichol

January 23, 2013

Helping you to support your child

The BBC Education website contains help for parents, ideas for work at home, general information and a parents' blog. Go to:

November 20, 2012

School Menu - November 2012

Menu - November 2012.ppt

November 10, 2012

Why parents can't do maths today from the BBC

'Long division and long multiplication have been replaced in schools by chunking and gridding. While the new methods are meant to make maths easier, parents have been left scratching their heads,' writes Rob Eastaway. 

The link below takes you to the full article.


'Bathers at Asnieres' by Seurat

If you missed our open day on Friday 9 November you may not be aware that everyone in Y3 and Y4 contributed to the making of a 'Hama' bead picture during workshops in October with artist Carl von Weiler. They explored many of the themes held in Seurat's original picture -  'Pointillism'; colour theories; landscape; social structures; leisure activities; numbers; history; and even some science.

With approximately 30,000 colour beads, the children have made a new (contemporary) version of the original picture created in 1884 in Paris, France.

The picture is awaiting framing before submission to the National Gallery in 2013 and is currently on display in the Main Hall. A photograph will simply not do this work justice-why not come along and see it?  Come into school with your child after pick up at 3.10 any evening during November.

November 9, 2012

Maths Calculation Methods taught at SELEfirst

Bamboozled by multiplication, confused by division? Want to help your child? Look no further. This powerpoint shows simply and clearly the methods used teaching the four rules of number at SELEfirst.

SELE Calculation Examples.ppt

November 7, 2012

Take One Picture Celebration Friday 9 November

Take One Picture Celebration Day Friday 9 November

Parents, Carers and Family Members

Please come along and see the children in lessons and the wonderful work they have completed. Refreshments available in the Main Hall.

Open times 9.30 to 11.30 and after lunch 1.45-3.00

Y4M Parent Asembly in the Gym starting at 9.30


October 26, 2012

Parental Contact Details

If you have parental responsibility for a child in school, yet you do not reside with your child, please contact school with your up to date contact information (including email) if you would like to receive correspondance.

Thank you.

September 28, 2012

Routines and Procedures

Nursery AM

Nursery PM

Nursery 2.5 days


Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Curriculum Contents and Achievements - Autumn Term 2012

Nursery - Curriculum Contents and Achievements

Reception - Curriculum Contents and Achievements

Year One - Curriculum Contents and Achievements

Year Two - Curriculum Contents and Achievements

Year Three - Curriculum Contents and Achievements

Year Four - Curriculum Contents and Achievements

Newsletter - September 2012

Sele First Newsletter September 2012.doc

September 6, 2012

Simple Advice on Helping Your Child with Maths In Key Stage Two

KS2 Parent Booklet September 2012

July 9, 2012

KS2 Maths Parent Booklet

Simple advice on helping your young child with maths in Key Stage 2

KS2 Parent Booklet Maths 2012

June 19, 2012

Transfer Day - Thursday 28 June

A reminder to parents that Thursday 28 June is Transfer Day.

Children in Y4 will spend the day at their new middle schools whilst childen in the rest of school will spend some time with their new teachers.

60 Years as Queen - KS2 Leavers' Concert 2012

Y4 are getting ready to move to middle school and all the excitement that brings.  There is however one big and exciting event still to take place at Sele First and this is being eagerly anticipated before our Y4's depart.

The KS2 Leavers' Concert takes place on Thursday 12 July at the Queen's Hall.

It always proves to be a fantastic show and a highlight of the year for KS2 children.

The title of this year's show is '60 Years as Queen'.  We hope those who come to watch have a wonderful time and enjoy our show!

June 14, 2012

Year 3 and Year 4 Tesco Great School Run

Year 3 and 4 took part in the Tesco Great School Run which was held on the Sele on Wednesday 13 June.

This event was a 2km fun run encouraging children and adults from schools in the Hexham Partnership of Schools to take part in exercise for fun.



Northumberland Youth Games

Year 3 took part in the Northumberland Youth Games during May.  This was a region wide competition and the first round was between schools within the Hexham Partnership of Schools. All Year 3 children took part in the first round of events.  Fourteen children got through to the second stage of the games in which they competed against other schools from the Tynedale area. From this second heat, held at Wentworth Leisure Centre on Tuesday 29 May, Freya McNicol achieved Gold, Olivia Milburn achieved Silver, Ruth Duncan achieved Bronze and Harry Coldwell also achieved Bronze. 

The following children will now go forward to represent Tynedale at the Regional finals which will be held in Ashington on 6 July.  I am sure you will join me in saying well done to these pupils:


Harry Coldwell
William Burns
Toby Ferguson
Simeon Corder

Freya McNicol
Olivia Milburn
Ruth Duncan
Dulcie Gilbertson


Photos from the event


June 11, 2012

Tag Rugby Tournament

The Y3 TAG Rugby Team took part in a cross school Tag Rugby Tournament in Longbenton this half term. Two teams represented SELEfirst and both got through to the semi-finals. SELE Blue Team were runners up whilst SELE Red Team were proud and worthy winners of the trophy. A big congratulations and well done goes to both teams. Both teams played with great spirit and enthusiasm and support from parents was very positive and encouraging.

May 11, 2012

The Sele School Chicks Have Hatched!

We are delighted to announce that the eggs we have been looking after Thumbnail image for chick clipart.jpgin an incubator in school finally hatched this week. The first chick was born on Monday 7 May followed by lots more.  The chicks will be kept in school until the end of the term. All children have visited the chicks and projects in school see children tracking their growth and development.


May 10, 2012

KS1 and KS2 Maths Meetings for Parents

We held an extremely successful and well attended KS2 Maths Meeting for parents on Wednesday 9 May, facilitated by specialist Liz Bailey.

We will be holding a KS1 Maths Meeting on Wednesday 16 May from 7.00-8.15pm in the school hall. 

All parents are welcome to attend.  The information in the meeting is suitable for parents of children in their final term of Reception, parents of children in Y1 and Y2 (KS1) and also parents of children in KS2 as you will find out how Maths progresses from one key stage to the next.

If you have not already booked your place please complete the attached form and return to the school office no later than Tuesday 15 May or alternatively, contact the school office directly.


May 1, 2012

Year 3 Curriculum Contents Summer Term 2012

Year 3 Curriculum Contents Summer Term 2012

March 30, 2012

Year 3 Face of Britain Project

Year 3 are taking part in the 'Face of Britain Project' as part of this year's Queen's Jubilee celebrations. They have created their own self portraits which will form part of a national display in London.  The portraits will also be displayed nationwide.