Welcome to SELEfirst School

a first class quality education

SELEfirst is situated in the heart of Hexham surrounded by the Sele Park and the historic buildings of Hexham Abbey. We aim to provide an exciting, motivating and high quality education for every child through effective organisation, committed knowledgeable staff, challenging expectations and high standards.

Our school has a very strong community spirit and well-established home-school partnerships. A committed Governing Body, an extremely supportive PTA and an enthusiastic out of hours club, SELElions, all contribute positively to the ethos of our school. We strive to encourage the children to look beyond the school and learn about their world in the broadest sense.

Community groups and agencies make regular visits to school. We have close links with local arts groups, sports networks, churches and other schools in our partnership. In turn school groups are often seen out and about studying various places of interest. Everyone who is involved with our school has the right to expect the best efforts from all.

Maggie Anderson OBE
Head Teacher

SELEfirst School
NE46 3QZ
Telephone 01434 602808


Our Classes

  • Nursery

    Nursery is an integral part of SELEfirst School

  • Reception

    ...part of the Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Year One

    Learning building into lessons...

  • Year Two

    Year Two

    Subjects are taught in "blocks of time".

  • Year 3

    Year Three

    Gaining confidence, working hard.

  • Year 4

    Year Four

    Preparing for their next adventure.


Comments and Conversations

We welcome your comments and feedback. Simply click the comments link below most of our postings. Please note that all comments are moderated before publication.

  • Phoebe Wells: Susan came in today and we got to ask her all the questions we wrote down on a sheet of read more
  • Ruth Duncan: What is Gobo's favourite type of pudding on the ship and what is ours? read more
  • Olivia Milburn: Susan if you got asked to go to Spain on a plane would you go or would you go to read more
  • Ruth Duncan: Did your legs feel like jelly when you got off the boat and did you miss your family when you read more
  • Harry Stewart: Susan saw us before she went to Costa Rica on a boat called the Joides Resolution.To show that she had read more
  • Josie Cawood: We have been learning the rock cycle with Susan Gebbles a marine biologist. She came into our school to tell read more
  • Ruby Ashford: I enjoyed my experience with Susan Gebbles because it inspired me to make my own Jodies Resolution out of paper. read more
  • Jacob Smith: My experience whith Susan Gebels has been absoloutley breathtaking, I hope she comes back to do another project with us. read more

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